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Cultivating a Faith that Celebrates Questions

We live in a world of concretes—facts, statistics, dates.  Convinced we can prove or explain the human condition. Except all that seems to grow from our answers are more questions—or as young people would ask, “Whose answers?”  This savvy to perspective, angles, worldviews is new—or at least new to modern western thought.  The belief in science and self-help combined with the perspective that it’s all perspective seems to leave little room for faith.

Or does it?

I mean isn’t faith and belief about surety?

Or is it?

What if doubt and questions are the fertilizer to the soil in which faith is cultivated?

If faith and belief grow like perennial flowers then belief is more of a process than a product.  Scripture, tradition, and my own experience suggest that doubt, though painful, doesn’t reflect an absence of belief.  More a time of fallowness.  Where the crop of what was once plentiful has all been harvested.  As the field of faith seems empty to the naked eye, beneath the surface, questions and doubt enrich the soil.  Perhaps we don’t so much wrestle with belief or unbelief, but a safe place to contain our fallow soil.  And a community who gently tends our barren land.

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