What Kind of Worship Do THEY Want?

12 Feb

Boring.  Too long.  Pointless.

These are all words I’ve heard youth use to describe worship.  I’m sure many of you have as well.  And I think in our media-loaded world many of us have looked for ways to incorporate the text, the tweet, the YouTube into our worship.  iWorship if you will.  I know I’ve sought popular songs, images, and readings to help translate the message.  Today I heard a different message.  One I think is important to share.

What Kind of Worship Do THEY Want?  Worship that offers some silence.


That’s right.  During a worship planning meeting with high school and college young people, the element of worship they wanted to introduce youth to at our discover day is silence.  Not silence with music in the background.  Or silence with a choir singing.  Plain old silence silence.  The kind that can sometimes make us all a little uncomfortable.  And they also want to be real about sharing how the silence is tough.  They feel so strongly  that they are requesting young people leave cell phones, iPods, iPhones, etc…in their vehicles.  Perhaps this concept isn’t revolutionary.  But what I thought important to share is that this desire, this hunger, this yearning came from our young people. A desire to share the gift of silence with younger youth.  A desire to share the gift of silence a as Lenten discipline.  A desire to be honest both about our discomfort with and our hunger for silence.

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