Choosing Church

28 Oct

In an effort to be more mindful of my resources, I have committed to buying fresh and buying local as much as possible this fall.  In addition to being a member at a CSA, this fall I have grocery shopped at a new local market that boasts locally grown and made products.  In shopping I have discovered that I now appreciate what I eat more, that I think more intentionally about my shopping needs, and that I really enjoy NOT having as many choices.  That’s right.  I like that the shelf with the coffee has about three choices.  That there are two kinds of peanut butter.  One bakery provides a variety of breads.

How does this lack of choice in the market relate to church?  I guess what I’m saying is that sometime fewer choices are better.  Limiting choices is better.  Less is sometimes more.

Think about it.  Today teens have a million and one choices for a million for just about every aspect of life.  There’s a plethora of extra curricular activities to select from, a smorgasbord of service groups to participate in, and a panoply of denominations, churches, and houses of worship.  Each of these offering its own brand of belonging.  In a world so filled with brands and branding, how  do teens choose church?

Join us on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 to hear Dr. Carol Lytch speak about what she uncovered and discovered in her research and conversations with young people.

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